Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve quote of the day

Leaving snacks for Santa

‎"First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat an entire roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we'll snuggle!" ~ elf

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Hall Family News 2010

I don't think I have ever written a Christmas newsletter. I get several each year and I'm always tempted to do my own. So here is my first attempt at a family newsletter.

Dear Friends and Family,

We realize, everyone wants to know what exciting things the Hall family has been up to this year, so we will give you, our people, an exclusive.

Bryan and Laura took a number of trips this year. The first was a fun week in San Francisco. They took in the city (as well as breakfasts, lunches, dinners, afternoon snacks and desserts). Laura, ever the daredevil, crashed her bike on the Golden Gate Bridge. Bryan was thankful that she emerged with all her teeth and limbs intact and medical assistance was not required. Laura has since retired from cycling. There was also some shopping; hiking and a trolley ride or two.

In August, the whole clan went to Hilton Head for an expensive week of whining, sun-worshipping and delicious, though not necessarily nutritious, food. The kids had a blast dividing their time evenly between the beach, the pool, watching Calliou, playing tennis, and harassing the local wildlife. The highlight of the trip was seeing an alligator in the lagoon near our house. We dined out several nights while we were there, and Anna and Morgan enjoyed sharing our family secrets with complete strangers whenever they got the chance.

Bryan and Laura -
we look best when we are slightly out of focus

 Bryan continues with his grown up career at Verizon Wireless as Resource Manager, but his real passion lies in photography, cycling and music. Bryan has participated in several cycling events this year and plans to continue this in 2011.

Laura celebrated her two year cancer survivor anniversary in June and is feeling healthy and trying to develop an addiction to exercise. Laura enjoys making personalized jewelry and eclectic gifts for friends and attending monthly girl’s night out painting classes. In the other 40 hours of her week, she works at Onlife Health training wellness coaches.

 Jenni lives in Green Hills and works two jobs – Carrabbas and Nannies of Brentwood. This keeps her pretty busy, but don’t feel too bad for her. She still has plenty of time to pursue her photography, travel, shop, dine out, and be an awesome Aunt Jenni. Earlier this year Jenni decided to tattoo her body, but since the tattoo is of her grandmother’s name (Reba Jane) no one can really complain.

Josh and Chassi
Josh and Chassi are busy raising three energetic little girls. Josh works for Simplex Healthcare selling medical supplies and continues his custom furniture business. Chassi keeps children in their home and does a great job of keeping everyone fed and healthy. Josh and Chassi are avid runners. As you can imagine this is a great stress reducer, in addition to being a healthy activity. This year Josh ran his first ultra-marathon, as well as the Rock Creek stage race, and the Memphis Marathon. Chassi ran the Ragnar Relay Race (from Chattanooga to Nashville) and also a local 5k.

Anna Belle
Anna Belle turned seven on December 15th. She is enjoying first grade and is reading well beyond her grade level. She swims like a mermaid, and ran a timed mile this year in 10:13. She shares generously and loves to try exotic foods.

Morgan will turn six on January 24th. She is enjoying kindergarten and has her own sense of fashion. She has been known to make trips to the store in rain boots and a cooking apron. Morgan is very nurturing and loves all things art. She was also invited to the competition team in her gymnastics class.

Emri, what can we say about Emri? In addition to her ability to push her sister’s buttons, Emri has other talents. She is energetic, loving, stubborn, and climbs like a monkey. She literally and figuratively tests the water with both feet. We are all gearing up for Emri’s teenage years now!

We enjoy having friends and family like you!

Happy Holidays,
Bryan, Laura, Jenni, Josh, Chassi, Anna, Morgan and Emri

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Happys

Amber and I saw this when we were shopping at Fabu on Saturday. It made us giggle!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Snow was predicted for Sunday night, but it's Nashville so you never know what you'll actually get until it happens. Well...this time the weatherman was correct, before sunset we already had an inch on the ground and it continued snowing all night. The issue was that it had rained most of the day Sunday, before it changed over to snow. So, under the beautiful layer of snow, was a treacherous layer of ice. Bryan slid his car into the curb at the entrance to our subdivision and it messed up things underneath, so it had to be towed.

We decided I would take Bryan into work and then head in myself. We made it out of the drive and halfway down our hill and could not stop sliding, so we abandoned the car and walked back home. I heard on the news there were more than 300 wrecks before 10am.

Luckily I had my laptop and could get work done from home so I stayed put. Bryan waited until the road thawed more and retrieved my car from the hill and went on to work.

I love Nashville snow, but I could do without the ice!

A visit with friends

"Tears may come and go,
But there's one thing I know.
All my life you're a friend of mine.
You can depend on me.
I'll be fine...
'Cause you're a friend of mine."
                          -Clarence Clemens
I took a couple of days off this week to spend with Amber. I have been wanting to visit before the holidays were in full swing, so I headed to Florence on Wednesday afternoon. I arrived in time to help her teach the 4 & 5 year old class on Wednesday night. Thursday we did a little holiday shopping, wrapped presents and tried out her new juicer.
On Friday, Amber and I came back to Nashville in time to have dinner with some high school friends. Sherry was in Nashville for her mother's surgery, and Dawn was here as well. I'm a firm believer that one should never pass up the opportunity to spend time with friends, so we grabbed the chance and met up for dinner. It was wonderful to catch up on each other's lives and families. The hours flew by and before we knew it, it was almost midnight. We ended the night with promises to not let too much time go by before meeting again.

Thank God for girlfriends!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Barn

If you happen to be visiting Nashville this time of year, make sure you drive down Franklin road to see this annual site at the Turner farm.

It's a great sight during the day, but at night it just gleams and is breath-taking. Merry Christmas everyone!
Night photo by Bryan


Just to be clear, I think beer tastes awful, wine is not something I crave, hard drugs - never tried em', but Snickers candy bars and regular Coca~Cola to me are what I imagine heroine is like to a drug addict. I try not to keep these items in my home, because I have no willpower against them and will consume them immediately.

Earlier this week one of my younger co-workers walked up and said "Hey look at this gift basket one of our vendors sent me? It has CANDY in it. Do they not know we are a Wellness company?" She then proceeded to pull out a snickers and a Hershey bar and put them in my snack drawer and walk away.

I guess I need to start by explaining the "snack drawer". I work at a wellness company. We teach people how to live healthy lives, eat healthy foods, exercise, prevent illness, etc... We have an onsite gym, healthy vending machines, hallways marked for walking and clear front refrigerators. So...several of us also have snack drawers, these are places we can stash leftover halloween candy, chips, and other snacks that might not meet the "onthemenu" guidelines.

Ok, back to the story - so I sat there trying to finish the document I was working on, all the while thinking about the snickers just a few feet away from me. When I could take it no more, I got it out of the drawer and enjoyed every single bite of those 200 calories! Oh well, I'll take the stairs the rest of the week and up my treadmill use.

In another creative word from the Snickers campaign - I hope your day is Satisfectellent!

It's a wonderful life

It's that time again - watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on the big screen at the Belcourt surrounded by family and friends. This is always one of my favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit. The movie, and the cause also are a great reminder of just how blessed we all really are.

If you are not a part of the "Wonderful Life Foundation", you should join, and make sure you mark your calendar to attend next year.

Thank you to Angie, Robbie, Dale and Elisabeth for another great year!