Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Snow was predicted for Sunday night, but it's Nashville so you never know what you'll actually get until it happens. Well...this time the weatherman was correct, before sunset we already had an inch on the ground and it continued snowing all night. The issue was that it had rained most of the day Sunday, before it changed over to snow. So, under the beautiful layer of snow, was a treacherous layer of ice. Bryan slid his car into the curb at the entrance to our subdivision and it messed up things underneath, so it had to be towed.

We decided I would take Bryan into work and then head in myself. We made it out of the drive and halfway down our hill and could not stop sliding, so we abandoned the car and walked back home. I heard on the news there were more than 300 wrecks before 10am.

Luckily I had my laptop and could get work done from home so I stayed put. Bryan waited until the road thawed more and retrieved my car from the hill and went on to work.

I love Nashville snow, but I could do without the ice!

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Wendy said...

wow! and before Christmas too! that is rare here in the south.