Monday, November 26, 2012

It's been a good backyard movie season

The season is coming to an end, but we've had some great backyard movie moments this year. Here are just a few. Obviously, some photos came out better than others.

Yard Art

I'll admit it - I love yard art! I'm keeping it all hidden behind our fence so the neighbors don't complain.

Here's my newest addition:

Can you name these movies? They are some of our favorites.

There is always always always something to be thankful for

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Lebanon with the Hall/Cole side of the family. Bryan's Mom and Dad always serve the most delicious holiday feasts. When I say feasts - I mean feasts! We always eat a very light breakfast, because we want to save room for all this great food.

Here's a photo of Bryan's plate. He's pretty good at loading his plate to take advantage of all the real estate there.

Morgan, Anna and Logan
The kids always have a great time exploring the neighborhood and playing in the yard. This year they decided to go rock climbing. Luckily the rocks aren't too high and no one needed assistance. We were there, but with our full stomachs I'm not sure how much help we would have been.

Morgan loves her cousin Lauren


Jenni didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving with us this year, she is spending the week in Rio. More on that later...

Henderson friends monthly gathering

Linda, Lisa, Joyce, Elizabeth, Angeline and I try to get together for monthly dinners. We always have so much fun catching up and I know our Moms would be so happy that we do!

Our high school friend Tony joined us this month!

Brenda's in town!

Cousin Brenda comes to visit much more often now that Megan and Carson live here in Nashville, and her visits make me very very happy.

I have always loved spending time with Brenda, and it is so fun to watch Josh's girls squeal with glee when they see her arriving. Brenda and Megan are always game for playing wii or watching the girls put on one of their many musicals or plays.

I love my family!

I have always loved family gatherings, because I have an awesome family. We have had several occasions this year to gather and make wonderful memories. Jewel and Nancy were in town for a few days recently and we gathered for dinner at our house. The house was full of laughter, hugs and great stories.

It is so much fun to watch little cousins playing together like we did at Grandmothers big white house in Tuscaloosa.

I already know one of my new years resolutions will be to spend more time with my wonderful family!

Brownie Meeting

Our neighbor, Kim is a Brownie troop leader and invited Chassi, the girls and me to join her daughters and her for a Brownie meeting at their house. Kim and I had discussed how I was in Brownies and my mom was our troop leader.

We had a great time attending the tea party celebration in honor of Juliette Gordon Lowe's birthday, which happens to be on Halloween. All the girls dressed in their favorite costumes and we learned about the proper way to have high tea from one of the Moms who is from Bermuda.

Anna, Morgan and Emri can't wait to visit again. Thank you Kim, Maddie and Mary Caroline for including us in your fun day!

Surgical Oncologist visit

I had an appointment at Dr. Whitworth's office for my every 6 month check and it went really well. I continue to have some random phantom pain, which is just that a pain. It makes me feel like I am a bit crazy to have pain in the exact place that my tumor was, but it is always reassuring to hear that I am not the only patient that experiences this. You always hear of amputees having phantom pain, but until all this I was unaware it happens to mastectomy patients as well. It is also very reassuring when they check me out and tell me everything checks out fine. I was reminded again of all the things to watch for and report right away - dimpling, rashes, scaly skin, lumps, etc... Intellectually I know since I had a bilateral mastectomy I've pretty much got skin on implants, so if there is something there I should be able to feel it. I just have to keep reminding myself of this, when those little pains hit.

Also, since I continue to do well. I may get to move to yearly appointments after my next office visit with Dr. Whitworth!

Busy, Busy, Busy

I think I got used to being a lady of leisure, because going back to work has been tough. Everyone has been very nice and supportive and I think I will really like this job. I love traveling and I love meeting new people and this job will allow me to do both - while still bringing home a paycheck. Thank you God for this new opportunity!