Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making cookies

Josh's girls Anna Belle and Morgan helped "Bop" (Bryan) make cookies the other night. Anna says "if you have griedents' you can make anything".

Emri (the baby) ate cheerios while she watched - then she took a bath in the kitchen sink.

Manic Monday

I got up Monday morning and washed my face and most of my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out. I thought I was finished with all this! Oh well, I can see some small hair growth coming in, so maybe I won't be without too long.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Even though work is crazy busy, I am very thankful to be there. I'm surrounded by great people. There are so many things to be thankful for every day. Today I cleaned my own house and made dinner and it felt good. I hope I don't begin to take the little things for granted again.
Remember to stop and smell the roses today!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oncologist visit

I had my post chemo visit with Dr. Peacock, my oncologist on Friday morning. My counts are slowly coming back up to where they need to be, and everything else looks good. I don't have to see her again until January 2009, unless something comes up. She reminded me to walk 30 minutes 5 days a week, eat healthy, keep my stress low and report any weird pains or coughs. If recurrence happens it is usually within the first 2 years. I plan on NO recurrence and she feels I have very good odds of that as well.  I will be seeing Dr. Whitworth and Dr. Peacock every 3 months for 2 years, just to make sure I stay good and healthy.

Once again, thank you for all your support and prayers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Komen Race for the Cure - A GREAT DAY!

What a great day Saturday was! I would estimate there were 20,000 people that all showed up to support the fight against breast cancer. I was completely overwhelmed by all the love and support I received on my team "Fight like a girl", and we were just one of hundreds of teams. Our team alone raised over 4,000 dollars - as I've said before... that just gets us one step closer to a cure.

I personally was concerned about walking the 3.1 miles just 4 months after my surgery, and one week after my last chemo, but I made it without any problem. I was so energized by all the support around me. Of course I rested all evening Saturday and all day on Sunday, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I wish I could have walked and talked with each and every one of you on the team, but there were so many of us. It was too hard to keep everyone together.

Thank you all for everything you have done to make my journey easier. I love you all!

Sweatshop on Barnes Cove

Thursday night before the Komen Race on Saturday, Lisa and Samara made lots of "Fight like a girl" shirts. I told them our house looked like a sweat shop! : )

The Daughter

She has several names Jennifer, Jenni, Jen and whatever you call her - she will always be my baby girl. She saved me from being outnumbered by guys at home and has brought a lot of joy to all our lives. As I said in her birthday message, she has always been our little princess.
Jenni is a quiet observer, she loves to learn, but isn't crazy about being taught.
She plays guitar, journals, draws, paints and photographs and is fabulous at each of those things. When Jenni was little she was very content to play quietly in her room, all the while singing to herself and making up stories. Of course she was also side-kick to whatever Josh was playing as well - so if he was Leonardo, she was Donatello, if he was Batman she was Robin. Her favorite was when he played Peter Pan, so she could be Wendy.

Jenni loves to travel with her friends and her trusty camera by her side. One of her favorite trips was when Lisa took her to Italy for her 16th birthday. She took some amazing photographs there. I have some of them hanging in my living room. She hopes to return to Europe next year and stay several weeks. I am so proud of her determination and sense of adventure.

Josh and Bryan got their turn at being Jenni's roadies and sound guys when she played in bands from ages 14-18. She fronted the bands "Clabbergirl", "Vista" and "In Medias Res" and played several Nashville venues, and lots of parties. As of right now she is retired from playing, but maybe someday she will pick up that guitar again and play a show...I'll keep you posted on that one. For now, she just enjoys going to concerts, discovering new music and listening to the old classics. She's a big George Harrison fan.

Jenni turned 20 this year and she is datig a really nice guy named Jeff Marc. He spoils her and takes her shopping -which she loves. She's like a caterpillar when it comes to shoes, and her clothes addiction is just as strong.

Jenni has been one of my rocks during my journey with cancer. She was with me when I had the ultrasound and was referred to the surgeon and has been there every step of the way since. I couldn't have made it without her. She even moved back home to help out during my treatments.

I can't hear the song "Tiny Dancer" without thinking of Jenni. On her 16th birthday, the band "OX" played the song for her and that is what she is - all 4 feet 11 3/4 inches of her - our little Tiny Dancer.

I love being your mom Jenni!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Komen Race for the Cure - Saturday Oct 4th

If you are joining our team "Fight like a girl" for the Komen Race for the cure, meet us in front of Big River Grill (2nd and Broadway) at 8:15 am this Saturday. The race line up begins at 8:45.

Thank you to everyone who is walking/running with us, and to those who couldn't but made a donation. We've raise over 3,800 dollars!! That puts us one step closer to a cure!