Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bachelorette party

On Thursday night, Jenni (the maid of honor) hosted a bachelorette party for Lisa at her place. Lori, Erin, Angie and Sandy helped her with food and it was a great evening. Lisa got some really pretty bedtime wear.

We were having so much fun, we totally forgot to assemble the birdseed bags for the wedding send off. Luckily, Chelsea and Sue graciously offered to put them together for the wedding.

Loading up for wedding weekend

Thursday morning bright and early I loaded up the car with all the wedding and reception decorations and headed out to meet Joyce. We met up at Costco and got veggies, hummus, fruit and wedding punch supplies. Then we headed up to Harpeth Hills to decorate for the big day. Jewel and Harriet ironed tablecloths and Anna Grace made fabric flowers for the servers. Joyce and Elizabeth made wedding punch and got the kitchen set up. Jenni joined us about lunch time and we all worked on decorating the room and tables. I had a check list to make sure we didn't miss anything, but I still almost forgot the wedding flowers! I had ordered them from Import flowers and was to pick them up by 4pm. I headed out at 3:15 and got them before they closed.

Thank God for fabulous family and friends!

Oncology check-up

I saw Dr. Peacock today for my routine 3 month check-up. I do pretty well until the day of my check up, and then I start getting a little nervous. When I walk up to the door and turn the handle I start imagining all sorts of negative reports she could give me and dream up all kinds of horrible scenarios. It's totally irrational I know!

Anyway...I had blood work and an exam. I continue to have nerve like pains in my R arm and chest and my right arm feels tighter than my left, so we talked about that. The right is the side the cancer was on, so this area had more invasive surgery and node removal. She reassured me this is normal nerve ending re-growth pain and should resolve with time. Dr Peacock said my blood work was perfect and after an exam she declared me "healthy"! She even said I am doing well enough to graduate to every 6 month appointments. I was very excited about that. I had already graduated to every 6 months with my surgical oncologist and yearly with my plastic surgeon. I'm all for less poking and prodding!

Dr. Peacock had just returned from an oncology conference in California and was very excited about a lot of the promising research being done for breast cancer. We talked about a few of the recent studies that have come out. She really wants me exercising 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes, eating healthy, making sure I get enough rest, keeping my stress low and taking a baby aspirin every day. She said these were the things that research is proving can really help prevent
recurrence and they should be at the top of my priority list. I promised her I'd focus on those, after the wedding.

Venus Di Milo

Lisa obtained this Venus Di Milo mirror when she was a manager at Express, and I have always loved it. Venus had been living in her former bedroom in Henderson until a month ago when she decided to give it to me!

Chadd wasn't all that keen on Venus moving in with him, so I quickly agreed she could come join my household. I think she is the perfect addition, although her shadows can be a bit creepy at night.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Neighbors

Happy Anniversary to Clyde and Ann Woods - 50 years of marriage! Scott, Mark and Tricia hosted a 50th wedding anniversary on the same day as Lisa's shower in Missouri. Otherwise we would have been there to celebrate with all of them.

I don't remember a time when the Woods family was not part of our lives. We used to go visit them in their big white house on North Street and play in their back yard. I remember thinking that their house looked like the one I imagined Pippy Longstocking living in. It seemed magical to me when I was little. I also vaguely remember Scott having a metal red car or firetruck with pedals that I thought was very cool.

Then one day Mom told us that our friends- Scotty, Mark and Tricia were going to build a house right across the street from us and we could play together all the time. We were so excited! Of course, back in those days we had a whole neighborhood full of friends our age, so we were never lacking for someone to play with. Chris, Craig, Cindy, Kim, Mike and Tom were on our street. Then just a street over we had Kim G, Anne and several others. Those days were full of block parties, cookouts, talent shows, kickball games, cowboys and Indians, and uh...well yes I'll admit...even an innocent game or two of spin the bottle was played.

As we grew the neighborhood changed some and new houses were built, a few of the families changed, but the Woods, Magees and Thomases were a constant. Scott and I rode to high school together every day and he was one of my best friends. Since I didn't have brothers, it was great to have him to get a guy's persepective on things. Scott isn't on Facebook, but his wife is and so are Mark and Tricia - so I try to keep up with them on there. I have recently started downloading some old slides and I've already found a lot of old neighborhood photos. More to come on that...

Great neighbors - great friends!

Wedding Shower Weekend

Linda, Michael and I drove to Sikeston, Missouri on Sunday for a wedding shower that was being hosted for Lisa. Chadd grew up in Sikeston, and his mother's friends hosted the shower. I think Lisa opened presents for almost 2 hours solid. I can't imagine that there is anything left they will need to start their new lives together. Everyone was very generous and friendly and you can tell they love Chadd and are so happy that he and Lisa found each other.

Chadd has a nephew named Griffin and Michael and he will be ring bearers together in the wedding. They became fast friends and had a great time playing while we were visiting.

Linda and I were talking on the way home about how Chadd's family has welcomed Lisa with open arms. It makes us feel great knowing our baby sister will be welcomed into their family and loved and appreciated.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Retro Advertisements

It's true...we've come a long way baby!

Mad Men

Bryan and I have pretty different taste in movies and TV generally so when we find one we both enjoy we try to watch them together. We both love the AMC show Mad Men. It's about an Advertising agency in the 60s and all the drama that goes with that. They are very good about using actual events, couture and props from that era, and since I was born in the 60s lots of it looks and sounds familiar.

Sometimes I look up things they talk about on the show and recently they were talking about Miltown, a tranquilizer that was prescribed to keep women mellow through the challenges of motherhood. Of course the men in the show spend all day at work drinking and smoking on the job. Incredible!

My Dad worked as a college professor in small town USA on a christian campus, so all this was new to me. He and my mom dressed like these people, but thank goodness they didn't act like them!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quote of the day

I mean, who am I? That's the real question, isn't it? Who am I? Who are you? What other questions are there? What other questions are there, really? If you want to understand the universe, embrace the universe, the door to the universe is you!~
Joe Banks

Classic 80s Movies

I'm not much on reality TV and there are many nights I don't even turn on the TV. This week I did turn on the TV and watched some classic 80s movies that I haven't seen in a while. I've watched Roxanne, The Man with one red shoe, So I Married an Axe Murderer and tonight Joe vs. the Volcano. Fun times!

Cousin Andrew and the Dali Lama

I can't wait to hear all about Andrew's trip! How cool is this photo?!

Dr. Finke

I had my yearly check up with Dr. Finke this week. He brought me a piece of chocolate because he noticed that 22 years ago I was about to give birth to Jenni. After my exam, we talked about my hot flashes that have recently returned and how I get to go through menopause twice - lucky me! (once while I was on chemo and now again)
We've discussed before how my breast implants stay a little cool, since there is very little tissue on top of them. He mentioned this could potentially be a plus during hot flashes and I think he may be correct!

I am very blessed with great doctors!

Quiet 4th of July

A few days before the 4th we went to Waverly and watched the Spears firework show. Each year Mike does a show for the Humphries County Nursing Home. The staff rolls the patients out in their beds and wheelchairs to enjoy the festivities. We had a great catfish dinner at David's Place, before the show.

Then on the actual 4th, we relaxed at home and watched the fireworks from our house. There always seems to be quite a display we can see from our yard.

Happy Birthday America!

Monday, July 5, 2010

27th Anniversary

Bryan and I have been married 27 years as of June 30th. Wow, 27 years!! We celebrated earlier this year with our trip to California. On our actual anniversary we went to our favorite little neighborhood Mexican restaurant (La Terazza) and had our favorite meal. The owner knows us well and always makes sure we get great service.

Happy Anniversary Bryan!

Wedding Planning

It's been fun helping Lisa plan her wedding, but I quickly found out it is almost a full time job. The problem is, I already have a full time job. Thankfully my friend Joyce stepped in and is helping me arrange, coordinate, gather estimates and is going to be the reception coordinator. Between Joyce, Liz, Linda, Jenni and I - it will be a wonderful beautiful day!