Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loading up for wedding weekend

Thursday morning bright and early I loaded up the car with all the wedding and reception decorations and headed out to meet Joyce. We met up at Costco and got veggies, hummus, fruit and wedding punch supplies. Then we headed up to Harpeth Hills to decorate for the big day. Jewel and Harriet ironed tablecloths and Anna Grace made fabric flowers for the servers. Joyce and Elizabeth made wedding punch and got the kitchen set up. Jenni joined us about lunch time and we all worked on decorating the room and tables. I had a check list to make sure we didn't miss anything, but I still almost forgot the wedding flowers! I had ordered them from Import flowers and was to pick them up by 4pm. I headed out at 3:15 and got them before they closed.

Thank God for fabulous family and friends!

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