Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mad Men

Bryan and I have pretty different taste in movies and TV generally so when we find one we both enjoy we try to watch them together. We both love the AMC show Mad Men. It's about an Advertising agency in the 60s and all the drama that goes with that. They are very good about using actual events, couture and props from that era, and since I was born in the 60s lots of it looks and sounds familiar.

Sometimes I look up things they talk about on the show and recently they were talking about Miltown, a tranquilizer that was prescribed to keep women mellow through the challenges of motherhood. Of course the men in the show spend all day at work drinking and smoking on the job. Incredible!

My Dad worked as a college professor in small town USA on a christian campus, so all this was new to me. He and my mom dressed like these people, but thank goodness they didn't act like them!

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