Sunday, October 24, 2010

Living in Music City

Nashville is a great city. Sometimes I take for granted what a wonderful city we live in, until I am talking to someone who is newer to our area. The cost of living is decent, traffic isn't too bad, people are kind and generous and you can see all types of live music pretty much any night of the week. My friend Katherine and her daughter Macie enjoy going to the Opry. The other night they saw Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift for $40. Where else can you do that?! I think one of the reasons many celebrities like to live here is because no one really bothers them. They can shop, dine and head to the movies without being hounded by the paparazzi. Not that we don't notice when we see Nicole and Keith at the coffee shop, or Sheryl Crow at the store but we southerners are polite and leave them alone.
I was working on my box for our city swap and decided to head downtown to get some official music city souvenirs. I had a great day playing tourist while looking for the perfect items to represent our fabulous city. I hope the person who receives it enjoys it, because I have had a blast putting it together.


angie on maui said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words! Wanted to take a peek at yours...

My husband worked a 3-month contract in Nashville a handful of years ago; it was new territory for us, but by the second week, we loved it there! It's a beautiful area and we met so many warm and friendly people - I love that about new discoveries. :)

Laura Thomas Hall said...

Such a small world - great to meet you!

Nari said...

Hello, I appreciate the encouraging words you left on my blog.

I think you're pretty lucvy to be living in Nashville.

My Dad currently lives in Mt. Juliet (don't know if I'm spelling that correctly) and he grew up in Nahville. Most of his siblings still live there.

I remember, visiting there every summer. They are some my my fondest childhood memories.

Wendy said...

You are right. I hope to move to the Nashville area when this kid of mine graduates high school.


Cherie said...

OMG Stop It Please ;) Yikes Dolly for $40! Thrilled to have found you. Loving your blog ♥

Katherine and Eric said...

I heart Nashville!!!
So glad we were blessed with the opportunity to move here, So grateful to have been blessed with a friend like you!