Saturday, October 23, 2010


The stores are full of Halloween candy and costumes, the leaves are changing, the air is brisk and Boo Berry is back! I used to love this cereal as a kid. When I was a kid they only sold it during October and I always convinced my mom to buy me a box.

The grand-girls are staying with us this weekend and I couldn't resist but to purchase some Boo Berry. It seems they have added marshmallows to the original formula. Did they think it wasn't sweet enough? Anna Belle said "hey La La look my milk is turning blue!" and I thought, oh no that can't be good.

I must really be getting old, because I no longer see it as blueberry deliciousness, now I see it as full of sugar, preservatives and blue dye  #1. I think I'll stick to my low fat yogurt with granola and actual blueberries.


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spencer used to love count chocula, you could only find it at wal mart, now he is such a health food freak, only whole grain stuff, and eggs.