Sunday, October 17, 2010

City Swappers

Drum roll is the list of participants in the Great International City Swap for this year!

Amy in Tennessee will give to Hexe in Florida
Mindy in Texas will give to Katherine in Tennessee
Anna in Ohio gives to Amy in Tennessee
Katherine in Tennessee gives to Anelle in Florida
Laura in Tennessee gives to Nell in Canada
Amy in Colorado gives to Zhu in Canada
Savannah in Tennessee gives to Elle in Canada
Ulrike in Georgia gives to Mindy in Texas
Jen in Canada gives to Savannah in Tennessee
Elle in Canada gives to Amy in Colorado
Anelle in Florida gives to Anna in Ohio
Hexe in Florida gives to Chelsea in Missouri
Adrian in Tennessee gives to Samara in New York
Zhu in Canada gives to Jana in South Carolina
Jana in South Carolina gives to Jen in Canada
Chelsea in Missouri gives to Ulrike in Georgia
Nell in Canada gives to Laura in Tennessee
Samara in New York gives to Adrian in Tennessee

You have two weeks to put your package together: the packages will need to go out by Monday, November 1st. Use your own judgement regarding how much to spend, but I’d say a minimum of $15 is probably a good idea, just so that no one gets short-changed.

Lets all be creative and find things that represent our cities/towns! I will be sending you all an email tonight with the address of your swap buddy. I've been gathering a few things for my box, so I thought I would include a photo.

(If your name is not listed on here and you still want to swap I may not have received your mailing address - send me an email with all your information at: - I have a few extra names that came in late and we can probably still find you someone to swap with.

Have fun!

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Wendy said...

Some how i missed out on the city swappers. Boooo! If you do it again let me know. Bummer.