Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pink Trash Ball 2012

Women Rock for the Cure hosts a Pink Trash Ball each May. Women Rock for the Cure is an organization that helps younger women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm all for any organization that helps those dealing with cancer, because heaven knows when you are dealing with the big C you need all the help and support you can get!

I've always wanted to go to the Pink Trash Ball, but never have. This year one of my resolutions was to experience new things so I decided to attend. Jenni, Megan, Molly and Lisa graciously agreed to go with me so I didn't have to go alone.

The night included pink food, drinks, a Betsey Johnson fashion show and entertainment by several local acts and also the 80s singer Tiffany!

A great time was had by all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Surgical Oncologist visit

I had another of my every 6 month check ups with my surgical oncologist on Monday. I saw Norma, the wonderful nurse practitioner and she went over things to watch for. Even though the chance of local occurrence is low with a double mastectomy, they still like to keep a close eye on you for the first 5 years. If I can have two more good 6 month check ups I can graduate to yearly visits!

One of the other patients had brought in some pictures to put on the x-ray screens. She told Dr. Whitworth that we patients needed a little eye candy to focus on while we are poked and prodded. I agree, and I thank her!

1/2 Marathon and Cookout

Saturday was the Country Music Marathon and half Marathon. This was Chassi's first half marathon and she has been training hard with her girlfriends to get ready. Way to go Chassi -what a great accomplishment!

On Saturday night we hosted the post-marathon cookout and movie night. Several of Josh and Jenni's friends came and a good time was had by all.

At dusk we showed "The Muppets" on the backyard screen and the kids had fun making snow cones and popcorn.

Emri had her own personal dance-party during the cookout and Aunt Lisa was kind enough to capture it on video. We'll have to save this one for her wedding!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Van Halen 2012

On Friday night, Bryan and I took Josh and Jenni to see Van Halen at Bridgestone Arena. We haven't seen this band complete with original singer David Lee Roth since the 80s. So we jumped at the chance when we heard they were coming to Nashville. We felt like we needed to take the kids because they were raised hearing this music as small children. I know what some of you are thinking - this isn't typical kids music, but you have to remember that we married young and Bryan is a musician so they cut their teeth on rock bands.

Here's what Van Halen looked/sounded like the last time I saw them in the 80s:

We've all aged a bit since then, and they still sound amazing. Eddie's guitar antics are still in top form and he's now sharing a stage with his 21 year old son on bass. There were lots of smiles shared between father and son and that was great to see. Alex on drums was energetic, loud and fabulous as always.
David Lee is in his late 50s now, so he no longer does his signature double toe touch move. No worries though, there was still some of the old David Lee there. He pranced around, told stories and did a several high kicks. At one point he admonished the crowd for throwing beach balls around which made us laugh. The younger Diamond Dave would have never done this, but alas we have all grown up - plus he was an EMT several years ago and I guess this makes him more cautious and aware of hidden dangers.

All in all it was a wonderful show and I am glad we took Josh and Jenni to experience it with us.

A good reminder...

Amber's week in Nashville

My best friend Amber was in town this past week for cyber-knife radiation to treat her liver tumor. Since this radiation doesn't typically cause side-effects we decided to enjoy every minute we could while she was here. Amber and I have always had a knack for finding ways to amuse ourselves so we found all kinds of things to do, with time built in for rest too!

Here are some of the highlights of our week:

A visit to the Nashville Visitor Bureau @ Bridgestone Arena

The Dustin Wells Foundation Benefit for the W.O. Smith Music School featuring Billy Currington, Phil Vassar and Ronnie Milsap @ the Wildhorse Saloon.

Picnic at Centennial Park (w/Emri)

Dinner @ Cantina Laredo with Amber's sisters (Cindy and Vicky) and her son and nephew (Spencer and Asa) If you go to Cantina Laredo - order the Mexican Brownie! You can thank me later.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Amber's college roommate Bobbye

Please keep Amber and her medical team in your prayers!


Who doesn't love a little Bacon in the morning

I couldn't resist I HAD to buy this mug!

Easter 2012

What a beautiful Easter weekend God blessed us with this year!

We celebrated Easter with Josh's family on Saturday afternoon and the girls got ducks for Easter. They promptly named them - Quacky, Squirmy and Isabel.

After a inspirational Easter service, Bryan, Jenni and I decided to take a drive down the Natchez Trace to enjoy the weather and have a picnic Easter lunch.

Always so much to be thankful for!

A reminder that I have fabulous friends

When I was in surgery almost 4 years ago some very sweet friends of mine transformed my deck into a peaceful and beautiful place to surprise me when I arrived home from surgery. They wanted me to have a place where I could sit and enjoy nature as I recovered. Before that it was pretty much a blank slate except for a grill. My friend Mickey planted bushes and vines and I finally remembered to get some pictures this year when it was all in full bloom. I often have to call her or send her a picture and say "hey what is this plant again?"

Bryan and I have tried to keep it nice and add a little more to it each year, but each time I walk in my backyard I am reminded of what wonderful friends I have. I love you guys/gals!

We are Family

My mother was all about family. She raised us to realize the value of family and to cherish each member.

Evidently, she also loved Sister Sledge who sings We are Family. I found this when I was going through old CDs and it made me smile.

I love my CR-V

We interrupt this blog for my favorite commerical. I grew up with Matthew Broderick/Ferris Bueller so how could I not LOVE this commercial. I also love my CR-V! I think it's my favorite of all the cars I've owned. It's not too big, but yet has plenty of room to transport items and people.