Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mangia - Oct. 5, 2012

Our dinner club group decided to celebrate the October birthdays with a trip to Mangia Nashville. This was our second trip to this fabulous pop up restaurant and it was just as delicious and fun as the first trip. Chef Nick and his staff serve up a delicious meal in a great atmosphere.

Here's the fall menu:

Happy Birthday, Catherine and Jamie!



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I have completed my first week at my new job, and all I know at this point is that I have LOTS to learn! The people have been fantastic and I think I will really enjoy the job, once I figure out exactly how to do the job.

This card says it all!

Story People by: Brian Andreas

The adventures of Amber and Laura

Amber and a mouthy cockatoo in Key West

Sunset in Cozumel

Have a Coke and a smile - we skipped the Cigar!
Scary Mexican clown!

Does this table make my legs look short?

Enjoying every minute!

I am sure if I thought about it, there are many things my friend Amber has taught me over the years. One of the most important things I have learned from her is how to enjoy every single minute!

After I received and accepted a job offer, I called Amber to tell her the news. When I added in - I don't start for three weeks, her response was "Do you want to go somewhere?" to which I, of course said "Yes!" Amber called her sister Cindy who is a master at travel planning and she was able to find us a last minute 4 day cruise. So we packed up and headed to Miami to board the boat!

We had the perfect blend of fun and relaxation aboard the Carnival Imagination. We had delicious meals, explored Key West, swam and shopped in Cozumel and enjoyed all the entertainment the boat had to offer. We also got to engage in one of our favorite past-times - people watching! I'll spare you too many details, but let me just say - there were lots of interesting outfits and personalities to watch, and we were VERY entertained!

A new adventure...

It's always been a bit tough for me to turn things over and just have faith that it will all work out as it should. I guess I am a bit more of a control freak than I want to admit. Also, I come from a long line of worriers. Since being laid off, I had really tried to just pray that I would be placed wherever I needed to be. When Linda and I were with family recently, my cousin Nancy shared with me her experience of being laid off. Nancy said it was the best thing that ever happened to her, and resulted in a better job with higher pay. She said she felt I would end up in an better situation, as well. Having said that, I have news to share:
I have been offered, and accepted a job with H2U!
It's hard to explain, but from the moment I walked in the door I felt like this was a safe place for me to land. After my interview, we walked through the office, and with each person I met I felt more sure about joining this company. Everyone we encountered was very friendly and then I began to see a few familiar faces from early Gordian (former company) days. These were people I worked with years ago, and people who's judgement I really respected. I came home and told Bryan that I didn't want to get my hopes too high, but I felt really good about the opportunity. After waiting an eternity (really only 36 hours) I got a call and an offer!
My position at H2U will encompass two things I love - training and wellness! I will be training staff at the wellness clinics on how to use the electronic medical record.