Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Neighbors

Happy Anniversary to Clyde and Ann Woods - 50 years of marriage! Scott, Mark and Tricia hosted a 50th wedding anniversary on the same day as Lisa's shower in Missouri. Otherwise we would have been there to celebrate with all of them.

I don't remember a time when the Woods family was not part of our lives. We used to go visit them in their big white house on North Street and play in their back yard. I remember thinking that their house looked like the one I imagined Pippy Longstocking living in. It seemed magical to me when I was little. I also vaguely remember Scott having a metal red car or firetruck with pedals that I thought was very cool.

Then one day Mom told us that our friends- Scotty, Mark and Tricia were going to build a house right across the street from us and we could play together all the time. We were so excited! Of course, back in those days we had a whole neighborhood full of friends our age, so we were never lacking for someone to play with. Chris, Craig, Cindy, Kim, Mike and Tom were on our street. Then just a street over we had Kim G, Anne and several others. Those days were full of block parties, cookouts, talent shows, kickball games, cowboys and Indians, and uh...well yes I'll admit...even an innocent game or two of spin the bottle was played.

As we grew the neighborhood changed some and new houses were built, a few of the families changed, but the Woods, Magees and Thomases were a constant. Scott and I rode to high school together every day and he was one of my best friends. Since I didn't have brothers, it was great to have him to get a guy's persepective on things. Scott isn't on Facebook, but his wife is and so are Mark and Tricia - so I try to keep up with them on there. I have recently started downloading some old slides and I've already found a lot of old neighborhood photos. More to come on that...

Great neighbors - great friends!

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