Monday, November 26, 2012

There is always always always something to be thankful for

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Lebanon with the Hall/Cole side of the family. Bryan's Mom and Dad always serve the most delicious holiday feasts. When I say feasts - I mean feasts! We always eat a very light breakfast, because we want to save room for all this great food.

Here's a photo of Bryan's plate. He's pretty good at loading his plate to take advantage of all the real estate there.

Morgan, Anna and Logan
The kids always have a great time exploring the neighborhood and playing in the yard. This year they decided to go rock climbing. Luckily the rocks aren't too high and no one needed assistance. We were there, but with our full stomachs I'm not sure how much help we would have been.

Morgan loves her cousin Lauren


Jenni didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving with us this year, she is spending the week in Rio. More on that later...

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