Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just to be clear, I think beer tastes awful, wine is not something I crave, hard drugs - never tried em', but Snickers candy bars and regular Coca~Cola to me are what I imagine heroine is like to a drug addict. I try not to keep these items in my home, because I have no willpower against them and will consume them immediately.

Earlier this week one of my younger co-workers walked up and said "Hey look at this gift basket one of our vendors sent me? It has CANDY in it. Do they not know we are a Wellness company?" She then proceeded to pull out a snickers and a Hershey bar and put them in my snack drawer and walk away.

I guess I need to start by explaining the "snack drawer". I work at a wellness company. We teach people how to live healthy lives, eat healthy foods, exercise, prevent illness, etc... We have an onsite gym, healthy vending machines, hallways marked for walking and clear front refrigerators. So...several of us also have snack drawers, these are places we can stash leftover halloween candy, chips, and other snacks that might not meet the "onthemenu" guidelines.

Ok, back to the story - so I sat there trying to finish the document I was working on, all the while thinking about the snickers just a few feet away from me. When I could take it no more, I got it out of the drawer and enjoyed every single bite of those 200 calories! Oh well, I'll take the stairs the rest of the week and up my treadmill use.

In another creative word from the Snickers campaign - I hope your day is Satisfectellent!

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