Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good health is not something to take lightly...

I have so much to be thankful for, and I am reminded of that daily. In my new job I travel around to clinics and hospitals to train staff on how to use electronic health records in order to view clinical data. As I walk into these offices I see people coming and going who are struggling with chronic illness, recent surgeries and all levels of disabilities. It is a good reminder to me that we need to take our health seriously. It definitely makes a difference what food we choose to eat, how much we choose to exercise and what harmful substances we choose to introduce into our bodies.

God gave us this wonderful earth on which to grow healthy foods, beautiful landscapes to explore and water to enjoy. All those things are good for us. He did not invent preservatives, genetically engineered foods and artificial sweetners. Even though I LOVE my Coke Zero - I am going to make a more conscious effort to eat foods in their more natural state whenever possible, and start using meat as more of a side dish.

The trailer for Forks over Knives is also a great reminder. I need to put this movie on my to-watch list!

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Katherine said...

Wow! I want to see that too!