Friday, March 16, 2012

Every single day is a gift...

This past month, I have been reminded over and over that life on this earth is a gift. A gift given to us to spend time making precious memories with those we hold dear, cherishing this beautiful earth and all it's inhabitants, and preparing for a life eternal with our God.

My heart goes out to the Osman family as they mourn their precious Ty. Bryan and I worked with Ty and Adair in J.A.M. @ Woodmont Hills for several years. Ty and Adair were such wonderful children, always watching out for others, eager to help and always wearing a smile. Nancy was one of the first people we met when Jenni was so shy and starting a new class at a new church.

Little Ty was only 18 years old when he transitioned from this earth to his heavenly home. I cannot imagine losing a child. My heart hurt hearing big Ty saying that they were brokenhearted and devastated, but they were at peace, knowing little Ty was with God. Mourning and rejoicing at the same time - just watching this family was heartbreaking, inspiring and uplifting.

Ty had expressed wishes to become an organ donor, and four individuals received the gift of life from his decision.

I now know three friends who have lost their teenage children (two to accidents and one to illness) and it is hard to even comprehend how they must feel. My hearts and prayers are with you daily!

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