Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today I begin working on Plan B.
I haven't been ready to write about this until now. I think I had to have a little time to process it all. I guess I was still living within Plan A. Plan A for my career was to stay at my job within the Blue Cross franchise and to possibly transfer to another position within the company, if my division began to have more set-backs. I have loved my job. I love working with physicians, nurses and their staff. I love helping them navigate and master the waters of electronic medical records and reports. As I have learned, life/work/nature sometimes has a different plan for me.

A week before our vacation I got a call letting me know that the company was changing focus and they were eliminating my whole department. Wow! I had expected some changes this fall, but this was happening much earlier than I expected. So now, on to Plan B.

The good news is, I have loved every job I have ever had. Each job I have held challenged me, helped me grow and brought precious friends into my world. Hearing that my job had been eliminated was hard, and I'll admit I cried when I hung up the phone, but I know in my heart that all will turn out for the best. I have a really good feeling that my next job will be even better, and I look forward to that next chapter.
Bring it on world, I am ready!

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