Monday, December 31, 2012

Jenni goes to Rio

Christ the Redeemer
As I mentioned before, Jenni spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Rio De Janiero and on the island of Ilha Grande. One of our friends, Justin, has been studying and working in Brazil this past year and invited Jenni to join him for a visit. As you can imagine, my travel loving little girl jumped at this chance and had the time of her life.


Jenni and Justin have known each other their whole lives, because his mom Kim and I have been best friends since kindergarten. Jenni had a wonderful trip of sightseeing, hiking, shopping and trying out all the local eats and drinks. She has some amazing pictures - although she and Justin are in NONE of them. I told her I would have loved to have photographic proof she was actually there. Oh well, she is back safe and had the trip of a lifetime.
Hotel in Ilha Grande

Thank you Justin for hosting Jenni and keeping her safe!

Ilha Grande

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