Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy 50th Bryan

Fifty years ago during a snowstorm in Memphis TN, Bryan made his debut into this world! We certainly couldn't let this year go by without celebrating our "vintage" dude. 

To kick things off, Jenni caught a plane and arrived in time to help me throw a birthday party for Bryan at our clubhouse. We invited all our local Verizon friends and a great time was had by all. Sadly, I only have a picture of the food. I guess we were all having too much fun. 

Next was the actual birth-day, so Jenni and I took Bryan out for steak and sushi at Amura, followed by dessert at Dexters. The next night we kicked some butt at WOB trivia night and won second place. If there's anything our family is great at - it's random knowledge! 

We ended the week of Bryan with a trip to meet some friends in New Orleans. Bryan was shocked, surprised and very flattered that 20 of our friends met us there to help him celebrate this milestone. It was a fabulous weekend with awesome friends!

We love you EZB, we really really love you!!

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