Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When did you talk to your friend last?

On the actual Valentines day, we made a delicious meal and settled down to see what was on TV. I flipped on my ipad and logged in to facebook to see what cute Valentine photos and funnies were being posted by my friends. Almost immediately I had a message pop up from one of my hometown friends. It said "when did you talk to Amber last?" I had actually just texted Amber an hour or so earlier to ask if she was home. I knew she had just returned from the Westminster dog show and then left again to head to Missouri for her step-father's funeral. My friends response was one that caught my breath. She said "I think their plane just went down in Pinson, it was just on the radio." 
So...I called Cindy and from there got the news that it was them and that Bam was ok, but Amber had been hurt. The next few hours were full of pieced together information. 
I finally got to talk to Bam and arranged a flight to head to Nashville to see my friend. Amber had multiple fractures, a lacerated forehead and most critical of all- fractured vertebrae. When I walked in and saw that awful neck and back brace and heard that sweet voice and saw her drugged up smile- I knew

she would rally from that hospital bed. That gal is tough! 

I was able to stay for several days and each day she amazed me, her multiple visitors and the hospital doctors, staff and physical therapist more and more. I was so grateful for all the visitors that came to bring a smile on her face, childhood friends, high school friends and college friends. Amber is loved by so many, and she was showered with all the things that can make you feel better, soft kleenex, flowers, fruit, pop-tarts, pepsi, snacks and lots and lots of chocolate! 

In fact Amber was discharged a week after that plane crash. Of course, she was insistent on going home to recoup in her own surroundings. Her Mom met her there, and nothing helps you feel better than a Mama's love! 


Amber's first selfie after she returned home

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.
Even longer,' Pooh answered.”
― A.A. Milne

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