Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go out and Vote!

If you haven't already - go out and cast your vote today! We should all be thankful we have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of our choice, many people in the world do not have this luxury.

Today the majority of American voices will be heard and McCain or Obama will be elected as our next president. Once that happens I hope everyone in the nation will support and pray for this person and the advisors he surrounds himself with. I am so tired of all the mud-slinging. I wish we could have a campaign that focused solely on the issues.

I believe both of these candidates love God and our nation and truly want to do their best. I was raised to show respect to authority figures and I have tried to teach my children the same. The President of the United States will be the highest authority figure in the land. We don't have to always agree with everything that is done or said, but we should show respect.

If anyone disagrees and feels they could do a better job, then they are welcome to run themselves - this election has shown age, gender and ethnicity are no longer barriers!

I'll end with my friend Mickey's favorite quote, because it truly all begins with us in the home:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

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