Monday, November 24, 2008


I had my reconstructive surgery this morning at 7am. It all went well. I'm having discomfort, but nothing compared the the first surgery. I've got plenty of pain pills to get me through the next week. I was instructed not to lift anything heavy for 30 days and I can't drive for at least a week. 

I will have to see my plastic surgeon weekly for about a month to check the progress of the implants. I'm just so glad to have those expanders out! My implants are much softer, and don't have hard edges. It will take a month or two for the implants to settle into the internal pockets the doctor created, but I already feel like I have a more normal chest. :)

I better go now, I've had a pain pill and it's kicking in. I don't want to fall asleep mid-sentence.

Keep those prayers coming for a full speedy recovery! I love and appreciate each and every one of you.


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Stefini said...

You are an amazing woman and I'm proud we are related. Hope you continue to improve.