Monday, December 29, 2008

Thomas Christmas in Henderson

We celebrated and opened presents with our immediate family on Tuesday night. Then Wednesday night (Christmas eve) we all headed to Henderson when Bryan got off work. It was great to have the whole family under one roof at Dad's house.

Christmas morning was pretty magical with 4 little children. There were lots of squeals, flying wrapping paper and Emri had a great time trying to eat the paper. Jenni made home-made french toast for everyone that morning, and it was delicious! That about summed up the whole trip. The Wii was the big hit with the bigger kids and husbands.

Christmas evening we went to the Henderson theater to see some movies. The little children went with Dad, Linda and Chassi to see The Polar Express and Lisa, Jenni and I went to see White Christmas. It's always great to see classic movies on the big screen.

On Friday morning we got to see the Woods family (across the street neighbors). It was great to see those familiar faces and catch up a bit. We moved to the house on Gibson Drive when I was 6 months old, the Woods built their house when I was pre-school. There are very few memories of childhood that don't include their family. We were blessed with a neighborhood full of kids.

At one point in the visit we were all sitting around Dad's dining room table and Anna Belle looked around and sighed and said "It's nice to be here" - that about summed up the whole trip.

Sherry's family was coming in on Friday afternoon for the McCaskill family Christmas. Camille and her husband and kids arrived just as we were leaving. I'm sure Dad and Sherry will need a vacation once this holiday is over, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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