Monday, December 29, 2008

Hall Family Christmas

We had a quick celebration with the Hall side of the family on Friday afternoon when we arrived home. Dan, Deanna, Logan and Lauren were on their way to Henderson to his parent's house and stopped by so we could all exchange gifts and see each other.

Logan and Anna Belle had a great time playing with his new motorcycle toy. Morgan loves her baby dolls and Emri continued to try and eat all the wrapping paper. Logan also had a new Indiana Jones hat, and he even let me try it on, but just for a minute. Lauren is really growing up and enjoying things like ipods and clothes - she is such a pretty young lady. It seems like she should be Anna Belle's size.
Bryan's mother made me a scrapbook of this blog. What a great gift! I was very overwhelmed. She included the pictures and all. I'm sure I will enjoy looking at it even more in years to come, when all this is not so fresh in my mind.

I am very blessed to have such a great family!

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