Saturday, May 30, 2009


Denise, Nikki and I went to Chattanooga to do some training this week and it was a good, but busy trip. Our parent company is really embracing and promoting a healthy corporate culture. They have a fantastic campus with beautiful views and lots of walking trails. Their cafeteria offers healthy foods at reasonable prices. If you choose a less healthy option, it cost more. So a turkey burger cost less than a cheeseburger. They have no fried foods on the menu. Even the vending machines follow this example. For example a bottle of water might be 75 cents, diet coke 1.25, but a regular coke would be 2.00. They also have a fabulous fitness center right in the building. Hopefully this will make a difference in their workforce. Tennessee is 46th in the nation in overall health and we hope to help improve those statistics.

Jenni rode along with us and visited her friend Molly while I was working. Chattanooga is such a pretty city. I need to plan to go back when I can explore more and not have to work.

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