Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 year survivor anniversary

On June 10th I became an official 2 year cancer survivor. Every month and year that goes by I breathe a little easier. I do not want to wish away time, but to me that 5 year cancer free mark will be extremely significant.

Bryan and my friend Kathy planned a celebration cookout on Saturday. I was very excited about it initially. As the day approached I went through periods of excitement and periods of nervousness. I would have irrational thoughts (see at least I realize they were irrational) that celebrating would somehow jinx me.

I talked to my friend Josh at work about it, he just passed his 7 year survivor mark. He made me feel better by saying he understood my fears. Later that night, I pulled out my Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor book for some advice and I felt better.

Here's what Kris Carr, has to say about being a survivor:
A survivor is a triumphant person who lives with, after, or in spite of a diagnosis or traumatic event. Survivors refuse to assume the identity of their adversity. They are not imprisoned by the constructs of a label. Instead, survivors use their brush with mortality as a catalyst for creating a better self. We transform our experience in order to further evolve spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our reality challenges us to go deeper. Survivors cultivate an essence that will never be victim to a word.

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