Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visiting the Halls and Coles

Last Sunday Bryan and I headed to Lebanon to visit with his parents, Deanna and her family for a Mother/Father's day combined celebration. After a great service at Maple Hill, we headed to Demos for a fabulous lunch and then back to the house to visit.

Dan is back safely from Iraq and has returned to his job with the Air Guard in Knoxville, so they will be moving back there. Deanna was so lucky to have her parents to help her and the children while Dan was away. Lauren and Logan seem very happy to head back to Knoxville and all their friends there. They are growing up so fast!

While we were at Maple Hill I also got to meet Mary Ann, a fellow breast cancer survivor. She went to Freed at the same time as Lisa and I have been following her blog. She looked fabulous and said she was feeling well. It's always great to meet fellow survivors!

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