Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays from the Halls

Our holiday newsletter:

Well here we are again, another year has passed us by and it’s time for the annual newsletter. We hope this year has been kind to you and yours and that you have created some priceless memories with those you love. 
For the Hall family, this year has been full of highs and lows. In June, Laura celebrated her 3rd year as a cancer survivor, and for this we are very grateful. In July we lost a family member, Dan, to a tragic accident.  Dan leaves behind Deanna (Bryan’s sister), Lauren and Logan. Please keep them in your prayers as they learn to navigate life without their wonderful husband and father. This event reminded us once again how precious life can be, and how important it is to embrace and appreciate each other and every day we are given.

Here's a little about our lives this past year-
Bryan continues his day job with Verizon Wireless. The addition of the iphone to the VZW line up has kept things churning at work. During his spare time, Bryan continues to enjoy photography, cycling and music. He also has a strong attraction to any TV show containing shark wars, swamp people or mobsters.  

Laura changed jobs this past year and now spends her days training clinic and hospital staff how to use electronic medical records. Laura’s territory includes middle and west TN, which allows her to visit friends and family along the way. She also loves exploring antique and other eclectic shops on her journeys. This along with pinterest, inspires many craft projects!

 Josh and Chassi live in Franklin and are constantly on the run with their three little girls. Josh works for Gibson Guitar and continues to enjoy running. This year he completed the San Francisco Marathon and he continues to look for new and more difficult challenges. Chassi is a stay at home mom, and also watches children in their home. Chassi completed her first triathlon this year and plans to run the ½ marathon in April.  Josh and Chassi attend the Journey in Franklin and recently became “village” leaders at their church.

Anna Belle is 8 years old, in 2nd grade and is excelling academically. She is very independent, always curious and loves to read. Anna inherited her parent’s love of running and ran her first official race this year with a 9 minute mile. Anna has a big heart and is a wonderful big sister.

Morgan is almost 7, and in 1st grade. Morgan loves gymnastics and is flexible and very strong. Morgan walks (and dresses) to the beat of her own drum and is witty, silly, nurturing and many times mysterious. She is really beginning to enjoy school and is doing very well this year. Morgan is an amazing sister.
Emri is now 4 years old and keeps everyone on their toes. Emri has two speeds – full throttle and asleep.  Emri is full of spirit and loves to sing lyrics from Fry’s opera on Futurama. She loves to play house with Crackle (the dog), and tells him “Now I’ll be the mom, and you be the dog” – so far he is compliant. Emri completes the household by bringing lots of fun, craziness and laughter to the home. She adores her two big sisters!

Jenni is our very own Mary Poppins. Jenni spends her days as a nanny to a precious little one year old named Charlee Joy. Charlee’s parents work in the music industry and feel very blessed to have Jenni in their lives. www.jthodges.com  In her spare time, Jenni continues to enjoy music, photography, fashion and travel – in addition to being an awesome Aunt Jenni!

There have been many times this past year we have all stopped and said how much we look forward to the day when life slows down, but most days we just hang on and enjoy the ride.

We hope your year was wonderful and you will embrace this holiday season. We are grateful for each and every card, photo and newsletter we have and will receive. We are happy to be part of your lives and you matter to us! Family and friendship - this is the good stuff!

With love from us to you,
Bryan, Laura and Jenni
Josh, Chassi, Anna Belle, Morgan and Emri

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