Monday, June 25, 2012

MSYC - the tradition continues...

My friends and I grew up at Mid South Youth Camp. I think my first full week was when I was about 7yrs old and I went up until the summer I married. Of course we only lived a few miles away, and my mom's best friend was camp nurse and my cousins were counselors, so we started going a bit earlier than some other kids. 

When I think back, so many of my favorite memories of growing up happened at camp - hikes with ghost stories, swimming, egg toss challenges, tug-o-war, talent shows and those evening sing-alongs and devos. I still have many of my camp friends in my life today and we often sit and talk about the nutty things we did through the years. What fun memories!
My children went to camp for several years and now my grand-girls are continuing the tradition. Anna Belle, Morgan, Michael (Linda's son) and Griffin (Lisa's nephew) went to Jr. camp this past week. Mid South has started Jr. Camp for those not quite old enough for overnight yet. The kids went to camp during the day and fabulous Aunt Lisa kept them at Dad's house each evening and night. Dad and Sherry were troopers to open their home to 4 wild youngsters! The kids had so much fun and cousin Lauren was at camp too, so they were very excited to get to see her and get a hug when they started feeling a bit homesick. 

Don't worry they still have box-hockey too!

Thank you to everyone who is keeping this tradition alive!

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