Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The world loves a hero

The past few months I have been listening to my grown children talk about their excitement over the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises. Josh has always been a huge Batman fan, and Jenni has always been his sidekick - when she was little it was Robin, but then she found her voice and began insisting on being Batgirl or Catwoman.

I understand this excitement because I can still picture that first moment on the big screen when Christopher Reeve appeared in that red cape. It was 1978 and I was with my friends at the State Theater on main street in Henderson. My heart still beats a little faster when I see that movie today. That was my first super-hero movie, probably one of my first movies I went to without my parents.

Going to the theater has always been one of my families favorite activities. Not only because we are all obsessed with movie popcorn, but also because for a couple of hours you can just sit back and be totally entertained. If the movie's really good it can make us laugh out loud, scream or bring us to tears. We have always felt totally safe in those cushy seats in the darkened theater, until this week.

I will not use the name of the person who has violated the safety of the movie theater for all of us. I don't understand a mind that is motivated and plans to hurt others. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and their family and friends in Aurora, Colorado. I cannot imagine the trauma and grief they are feeling. I was impressed that Christian Bale, the actor who plays Batman has visited with the victims, police and EMT workers. I am sure being there helped him, as much as it did those he visited. Even though he plays a hero on the big screen, we should remember, he is actually just a guy with a wife and kids -who loves the movies. The real heroes this week are the ones who gave their lives trying to protect those they loved, and of course the Police, EMT workers and Medical staff.

I understand there will always be evil in this world, there will always be people with mental illness and many times they will choose to carry out their criminal acts in places where people gather together. I will not pretend to know the answer on to how to prevent these tragedies. I certainly don't want to return to the wild west days where everyone needed to carry a gun for protection. I am not a gun girl, I never have been. Although we did take hunters safety in 7th grade as part of our school curriculum, and I think I made an A. My son has a carry permit, and I'm ok with that. I celebrate his right to legally have a gun, but I don't want one, and I hope he celebrates my right too. I have heard that gun sales have increased since this tragedy and that scares me a bit. I do not want people rushing out to arm themselves and not taking the time to make sure they know how to properly use and secure the weapon they purchased. This is when horrible accidents happen.

As we are reminded once again, life can change in an instant. We need to appreciate each day and never miss the chance to tell those that we love how much they mean to us!

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