Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's happening again...

I was raised that you should not use the word hate, but I have to say I hate cancer! It seems that more and more people are being affected by this horrible disease. I understand that detection techniques are better and more people are being diagnosed earlier, which is great. Early detection = early treatment and generally better outcomes. I do believe that there is a definite connection between American lifestyles, the Standard American Diet and higher rates of cancer. I think America is a country of excess - we love food, drink and technology.
I hear people saying that our ancestors ate lard, eggs, bacon and lived to be 100. They also worked hard from sun up to sun down. They got true physical workouts, and probably never stepped into a gym. They drank tap, or well water and knew the person that grew most of their vegetables, if they didn't grow their own. Ok, I'll get off my soap box and back on topic...

In the past 3 months I have gotten a visit, phone call and email from people who have had those scary moments of hearing "we need to follow up, to rule out breast cancer". One friend's tests came back negative, one positive and the 3rd will get her biopsy results this week.

I dream of a day when there will be a cure, or we will know exactly how to prevent this from occurring. Until then I'll try to keep up my exercise, eat as healthy as I can and offer support to anyone I can who is dealing with this horrible disease.

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