Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let's talk nipples

I saw this story today on CNN and it brought back memories of deciding what to do about nipples.

Erin Burnett Out Front

Quite honestly, nipples are something I took for granted before breast cancer came into my life. I was born with them, they were always there. Then one day you find out you have cancer and nipples are discussed. Do you need them? Do you want them? Tattooed nipples, built nipples or a bit of both? If you are a smoker some doctors will not even attempt to graft nipples on, because capillary blood flow is typically poor in smokers and often nipples don't adhere and fall off. Now, that would suck!

I made a choice, I got nipples built and then the nurse in my plastic surgeon's office tattooed color on them once they had healed. I'll admit, there have been some hot summer days when I've questioned that decision. If I had not gotten nipples, I would be more like Barbie and wouldn't have to worry about wearing a white t-shirt with no bra, because there would be no nipples to show through!

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