Friday, December 18, 2015

Friendships should be cherished

We camped, we rode bikes, we laid in the grass looked at stars and dreamed, we survived zits and bad haircuts, we went to concerts, we loved Wonder Woman, we double-dated, we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark 6 times, we debated who would marry Starsky and who would marry Hutch, we were terrified of Jaws and Jason, we loved high school football games, summer camp and singing about heaven, we studied (some), we ate a lot of chicken fingers and hot fudge cakes, we sang a lot of 80s songs, we were part of the 4 musketeers (Kim, Allison, Amber, Laura), we planned reunions, we got married, we became moms, we loved watching our children grow, we had surgeries, we changed each other's dressings, we snuck each other out of the house (before medically recommended), we both dealt with cancer on our own terms, we always supported each other's decisions, we cherished our friendship, we cruised, we danced on the beach in Mexico, we rode every coaster in Orlando, we laughed a lot, we cried some and we loved each other through the ups and downs of life. 

Thank you Amber - my life was better because you lived. 

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