Saturday, April 18, 2009

Very sad week

On Tuesday we lost our friend Gregg Fulkerson. I can't remember ever not knowing Gregg. He is a few months older than me and he is woven in the fabric of my life. We were faculty kids together, which meant we were one big family- birthdays, school events, youth group activities, summer camp, graduation, etc...always together. Some kids are latch key kids, but when your parents worked at Freed once you reached a certain age you just got off the bus there and hung out on campus till your parent's finished for the day. Before we were old enough to do that, Gregg's mom Joyce kept us. I remember Gregg playing his guitar and singing Elvis songs and we couldn't have been more than 10 or 11. If you grew up with Gregg, you probably have at least one cassette with a song he wrote for you. Music was in his blood from the beginning.

When we were seniors in high school, Gregg joined a band with some college guys-one of them was Bryan. So I guess I actually met Bryan through Gregg. Mike, Bryan and Gregg played together for many years - several bands in college and after - Misfit, Nonstop, Sahara and then Blue Tears. So many memories of those years have come flooding back these past few days. There were many past band members, friends from childhood and college at his funeral. If anyone would have enjoyed having all those people in one place it would have been Gregg, but I'm sure he was watching from above and feeling very loved. At the end of the service Jessica Miller played "Sanctuary", one of Gregg's songs - the cd she sang with was him on piano. It is a beautiful song - here's the link:

After Blue Tears dissolved we didn't see Gregg as much. Off and on through the years we would re-connect. He came to some of Jenni's shows during her band years to show his support. Gregg was one of the most highly creative and emotional people that I knew and that caused challenges for him in all aspects of his life.

Lately Gregg and I had stayed in touch mainly through email. He contacted me when I was diagnosed and during my treatment. We had recently found out we worked almost on the same street and had planned to do lunch. We never had that chance. This reminds me once again to not put things off - let the people around you know how much you care for them every day.

Gregg leaves behind a precious little 8 year old boy named Carter. He was so proud of Carter and really tried to be a good dad. Jennifer (Carter's mom) was telling us how excited he was when he came in his room and saw Gregg's guitar. He said "you mean my Daddy left me his guitar!" I'm sure this is something he will cherish his whole life. (this picture of Carter is from 2006)

Gregg - you will be missed!

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