Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live like a tourist

Union Station, photo by Bryan Hall
On Friday night we went to the fabulous wedding of Logan and Jill. The wedding was held in the lobby at Union Station in downtown Nashville. Union Station is former train station that opened in 1900, and was converted to a hotel in the eighties. It has beautiful marble floors and a barrel vaulted ceiling featuring 100 year old stained glass. 

I live less than 30 minutes from this grand hotel and I only seem to go there when it is for a wedding. Another one of my intentions for this year is to live more like a tourist. I don't want to take for granted the museums, historic landmarks and all the other wonders our great city has to offer.

Lobby, Union Station Hotel
So my challenge to myself and to anyone reading my blog: Spend some time living like a tourist in 2011. Explore your downtown area, soak up the culture, live music, festivals, family owned stores and restaurants. Take your camera everywhere you go and document your adventures. You may find hidden treasures in your city, that you have overlooked - don't wait for tomorrow, because as they say tomorrow never comes.

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A Redhead Named Sam said...

I like this challenge! Though, admittedly, it isn't *much* of a challenge for My-Boy and myself since we are only 4 months into living in an entirely new state. But! We have been trying local restaurants here & there to avoid always going to the 'comfort' restaurants we know and love.