Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting the day

It's a choice I make every day. How do I start the day?

Option A: Hit the buzzing alarm, bolt out of bed, grab a shower, eat a bowl of cereal, slap some make up on, check my email and rush out the door.

Option B: Wake up to relaxing music, do 10 minutes of stretching, a warm shower, 10 minutes of meditation, jot down my 3 gratefuls and 3 intentions for the day, while enjoying a healthy breakfast.

I have figured out, it only takes getting up 30 minutes earlier to start the day in a much better manner.

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Anonymous said...

I am *horrid* at waking up in the morning, but I have permanently retired the annoying alarm clock for a light-based alarm clock which simulates sunrise (my post: "And Phillips said: Let there be light" ). I absolutely love it. It wakes me up so gently that I don't feel like I'm having a panic attack by being jarred out of my sleep. :)