Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First prime time breast lump

Breast cancer, it's not a new thing but it wasn't talked about openly in public for a long time. Women used to suffer in silence and not discuss their womanly areas

I remember this episode vividly. I don't know if I saw the original airing in 1973 or if it was on re-run, but I remember it was shocking to me. Edith found a lump in her breast and she did not want to upset Archie, so she dealt with it all on her own. Archie wasn't known to be endearing and in this episode you saw a bit of his tender side.

Here's a link to the end of the episode.

Through the years it became less and less taboo to talk about. I remember Kate Jackson, Olivia Newton John and Jacyln Smith all being diagnosed with breast cancer and speaking out about their personal battles. I think it is important for people, celebrity or not, to speak up and talk about their battle. It is encouraging as a survivor to hear others tell their story. I think it is also good for healthy people to hear, it makes them aware that it can happen to anyone anytime and we all need to be familiar enough with our own bodies to report any changes.

I'll get off my soap-box now - thank you for listening.

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