Monday, March 14, 2011

I can't stop smiling

Let me start by saying I realize God is good ALL the time, but sometimes he still amazes me.

Six months ago my best friend Amber began a journey with cancer. Originally they thought she had a dermoid cyst and when they went to remove that it was found instead to be colon cancer that had invaded and attached to her ovary. The doctor in Birmingham did a great job in removing all the cancer he could see. Further scans showed liver lesions as well. Amber endured six chemo treatments over the last few months which shrunk the liver lesions to operable size.

This is where Dr. Beau Kelly came in. On Thursday, he removed those remaining two liver tumors and was able to get clear margins in the surrounding tissue. As you can imagine, she has had some surgical pain and recovery will take a while but we are so thankful for the successful surgery. Amber will be watched very closely for the next couple of years, but as of now (we are praying forever will remain)  is cancer free!

I feel a celebration coming on!

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