Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ahh...the weekend

The last few weeks have been very busy with my new job, and I am cherishing my weekend days. There are so many changes to get used to and so much to learn. For the past nine years I have driven to an office and worked with a set group of people. This job is very different, I am traveling to different sites in Tennessee and training new people each week. It's quite a change, but I am really enjoying it. The people we work with have been very nice, and it is interesting to hear all their stories. It seems on a daily basis we are treated with stories of funny adventures with children, grandchildren, husbands and family.

There are also those moments that stick with you long after you leave the clinic. We met a lady last week who had a very high grade oral cancer. The doctors have told her that typically with this type she should live another five years. I am sure she still has her moments, but said she had made peace with the diagnosis and was concentrating on making the most of each day. It was apparent that some of her co-workers are still having a hard time dealing with her diagnosis. It just verifies to me that we are each on our own unique journey and must live each day to the fullest.

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