Sunday, May 19, 2013

Age of Innocence

America has always felt like a safe place to me - until now. I worry when I see the age of innocence being ruined by evil. There has always been evil in this world and there always will be. When I was a child the news was on at 5pm and 10pm. My parents made sure we were aware to be cautious of strangers, careful in traffic and explained to us large scale world events to us. They were honest with us, but also protective of us and did not share things that would only worry us and that we would have no control over anyway. At school we had tornado and fire drills. There was no need to have active shooter drills in school.

I am concerned because children born in America today will never know of a world without violence because of social media. It breaks my heart to hear Josh's girls worry about going in to tall buildings, events, movies, etc.. and be concerned there will be a shooter or a bomb. Even if we try to protect our kids, the news is everywhere. They hear it from other kids at school, it's discussed at sporting events and it's on, in great detail, every time you turn on the TV. I pray for the children's precious hearts and I pray for the parents that have to try and encourage them to live their lives without fear of things that are beyond their control.

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