Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Break Sleepover

Spring Break week for the grand-girls was a busy one. Anna is playing softball and Morgan takes gymnastics so schedules are tight. After a little searching we decided to rent a hotel room and have a slumber party. The new Drury Inn in Franklin was the perfect location. They have an indoor pool, very comfortable rooms and food galore, all included in the room rate. The 5:30 kickback is not 4 star dining, but it was tasty and the girls loved the buffet. They also have popcorn and drinks from 3-10 available in the lobby and that was a bit hit as well.

We swam, ate way too much, did crafts, watched movies and had a fabulous time. Chassi joined us for the breakfast buffet and a morning swim. I think we may just make this a yearly girls event!

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