Monday, February 1, 2010

Lisa and Chadd

Chadd and Lisa left Nashville Friday night during the snowstorm to head to New York City for the weekend. They both love to travel and had been there earlier this year, so they went to all their favorite places and some new ones as well. Chadd knows of Lisa's chocolate addiction so he took her back to Pure Dark for some of her favorite treats.

Then Saturday night they went to Convivio for dinner. Lisa said after they finished dessert, Chadd pulled out a treat bag from the candy store. Lisa told him she was too full for any more treats - except the bag contained an engagement ring!

Lisa called Dad first, and then sent Linda and I a text message that said "Guess what? The first sister that calls back get's the scoop." I called her back with Jenni jumping up and down beside me. We are so excited for them. They are perfect for each other.

**As if this story couldn't get any sweeter - Chadd had talked to my Dad and is using my Mom's ring for Lisa - I know is Reba watching all of this and jumping with joy!

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Lisa Thomas said...

Oh, you made me cry.