Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

If anyone could do justice to the strange and wonderful story of Alice in Wonderland it is Tim Burton. After our family dinner on Saturday we all packed up and went to see the new version of Alice. Johnny Depp was the perfect Madd Hatter and the rest of the cast was just as well picked. You can always count on Tim bring strange stories to life on the big screen.

I was a little afraid Anna, Morgan and Michael would find the story a little dark, but they have seen the Disney version, so they were prepared for the odd characters in Wonderland. Morgan made several trips to the bathroom, but the others sat through the whole movie. Of course, popcorn and snacks always help hold the attention.

I recommend the movie highly!

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Wendy said...

Hey Laura! We saw Alice In Wonderland a few weeks ago. I agree that Johnny Depp was a perfect Mad Hatter. We loved it too.