Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big C

Showtime has a new series called "The Big C" about a lady who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She makes a decision to live every moment of her life on her terms, and she doesn't tell her family what is going on. They think she has just kind of lost her mind. I've only seen the first episode, but I'm already hooked. When you are told you have cancer, it changes you. It makes you feel off-balance and sometimes a little kooky. I can totally relate to some of Cathy's feelings. Choosing or not choosing treatment is a very personal decision and should be supported. I am looking forward to seeing how they play this story out.

On a bit of a related note, one of Bryan's friends wife is battling stage 3c melanoma. She has a blog I am following. I can tell you that she is handling her battle with courage, grace and humor and I admire her spirit. She is flying back and forth to MD Anderson for biochemo and is half way through with her treatments. Please stop and say a prayer for Amy today!

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