Thursday, August 19, 2010


My team at work recently did a pilot for a strength finder program. We answered questions quickly about our thoughts and reactions to work and home life issues and activities. The point is to answer quickly from your gut, to get the most honest response. Then we all got together as a group to discuss the results and see if we were all being utilized to our full potential.
These were identified as my top 5 strengths:
  • Strategic
  • Responsibility
  • Positivity
  • Maximizer
  • Connectedness
The exercise came with a insight guide which describes what makes me stand out from other people with the same theme in their top five.
I'll admit I was a little nervous going in to the meeting, nothing like discussing your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the vice president of the company. It went fine and was pretty interesting hearing the make up of our team. We seem to be a well rounded group, according to this exercise.

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