Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Savannah, GA

We detoured a bit and stopped by Bonaventure Cemetery and downtown Savannah on our way home. Bonaventure is such an interesting place to visit, we looked at all the beautiful monuments and dates. The oldest date we saw was from the 1700s, but we really didn't have time to walk through all the gardens, that would take hours.

I've read about making sure you live ~ between your dash. Meaning to fully live between your birth date and death date on your tombstone. Some of the people at Bonaventure lived long lives that I hope were very full and hopefully happy. Others were infants or children and we could only imagine what could have taken them so young. There was a marathon runner who died at 55, her family chose to put up a bronze statue of her running. Such a nice tribute.

We then headed to the waterfront downtown and had lunch at Spankys They had fabulous burgers and chicken and it was a nice stop, before the long trek home.

We made it home by 10pm. It was a fabulous vacation week, but I was pretty happy to sleep in my own bed again.

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