Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Chadd's family hosted a great evening for the wedding party, family and friends on Friday night at Bucca di Peppo. The food just kept coming, and if anyone left the restaurant hungry -it was all their fault. We had salads, breads, several pastas, chicken parmesan, ravioli and multiple decadent desserts.

Larry and Chelsea put together a great slide show with photos of Lisa and Chadd as they grew up. They showed this after dinner and then, Chadd's father and a couple of his groomsmen made great speeches about what a wonderful son and friend Chadd has always been. Dad, Jana and Linda all talked about Lisa and what a fabulous person she is too. I knew if I stood up and tried to talk about Lisa I would cry, so I let them do the talking that night.

So now it's my turn, and here is what I would like to say about my baby sister Lisa:
Lisa was born when Linda and I were 10 and 11 years old. I'll admit I was a little nervous about being replaced as Dad's littlest angel. Then Lisa came into this world, we all quickly fell in love with her and I didn't mind at all taking the middle daughter place.

Linda and I had a great time with our baby sister, we dressed her up, made her playhouses out of appliance boxes, took her on our dates, kept her up too late watching teenage shows, fed her lots of popcorn and somehow she survived us, and all our friends. She only has a few scars from her childhood, but that really isn't MY fault. I said "go get Linda, but don't run!"

As Lisa grew up, she quickly became a favorite aunt who loves to take her nieces and nephews on all kinds of adventures. Lisa ~I love the lolli-Pope, but I haven't forgiven you for helping Josh get the smelly escape artist sugar-glider. Someday I'll be purchasing your child a hermit-crab.

Lisa has grown into a beautiful woman and I so proud to be her big sister. I see so much of Mom and our grandmothers in her every day. She has Elva's quiet spirit, Mattie's kind heart and Reba's fabulous smile and creativity. I am so glad that she and Chadd have found each other and I can't wait to watch their love story unfold. I love you Lisa!


JDThomas said...

Amen and Amen! You showed your love for Lisa, Chadd, and all of us in your wedding planning and execution. From the showers through the Owen Chapel wedding and Harpeth Hills reception, everything went like clockwork. You deserve a Pinnacle award from us like the one you received recently from Blue Cross-Blue Shield.

I still "love my three angels" and am so glad to see how unselfishly you love one another!


Jana said...

Laura, if you had said that at the rehearsal dinner, I would have cried, too! That was beautiful and so true about Lisa's qualities! I love her so much, and I am privileged to know her family, too!