Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little sis...

This morning I got a call that made my heart skip a beat. My little sister Lisa called to tell me she had found a lump and they wanted her to come in right away for a diagnostic mammogram. I could tell she was nervous, and I headed down to Baptist to meet her. Everyone we encountered from the admitting clerk to the ultrasound technician and radiologist were helpful and kind. After a few films, followed by an ultrasound it was determined that what she had was a fluid filled cyst. They used to drain these, but often they go away on their own, so the new treatment is to watch and see if they do. You could tell everyone was relieved to be able to give Lisa good news, and we were ecstatic to hear it!

We went out for a burger and soda after to celebrate! What a relief to get good news!!

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