Saturday, September 6, 2008

Done with Chemo #9

Chemo #9 is over and done!! Only 3 more to go. My WBC was 1900, and my Hgb 12, so I'm not anemic anymore but my low white count probably accounts for all my fatigue. I just have to stay away from sick people and monitor my temperature for any signs of sickness and get plenty of rest.

Elizabeth took me today, I always enjoy being with her and once again the time passed quickly. Joyce and Elizabeth (Landon) are like my satellite sisters. My dad and her dad were roommates and my mom and her mom were roommates when they all first went to teach at Freed over 40 years ago. They double dated and then married and were always best friends. I can't remember a time in my life when we weren't all together. We lost my mom (Reba) and their mom (Ouida) to cancer several years ago. I miss them both every day. I am sure they are up in heaven sitting on a cloud watching over all of us and giggling. Because that is what they did when they were together- giggle like schoolgirls. My dad (David) and Bob are still best friends. Bob has been having some health problems, but he and dad still go out to movies and to eat whenever he is up to it.

They renamed the Home Ec. house on campus the "Thomas-Landon" house. It is where my mom held all her Nutrition/Foods/Fashion classes when she taught there, it's also where I had my wedding. We just like to call it the "Reba-Ouida" house. : )

Once again, keep those prayers going. So far my veins are holding out and I am still doing very well overall and I know it's because of all the love, support and prayers that I am receiving from all of you! God is so good!


Laura Thomas Hall said...

Ok I was trying to respond to soul and culture's comment about all the cancer victims in Henderson and somehow I deleted her comment! I'm not good at this blog thing. Sorry Amy!
I do agree, it freaks me out that so many have been affected from this one area.

sherry said...

Laura, There is not a day that we do not think about you and pray for you. Love, Sherry